Tips for a Stress and Guilt-Free Hunting Season

Get your home in order

Shut down the yard for the winter. Lawn mowed, weeds trimmed, patio furniture and hoses put away. Winterize your home inside and out. Fix the things that need to be fixed. Buy salt for the driveway, make sure your generator and snow blower are working and cover your exterior faucets.

De-stress Your Work Life

If you can get caught up or ahead at work, do so now. Put in for those hunting-related vacation days if you haven’t already and have a list for the new year ready when Jan 1 rolls around. Dazzle your boss during the summer so he will get off your back during the winter. Clean out your email and make sure your Inbox is at zero every Friday when you go home.

Get plenty of sleep

Listen to your body. I only hunt afternoons and evenings on Sundays because that is my sleep-in day. If you’re hunting early on Saturday – it’s amazing how good a nap feels that afternoon.

 Take care of your gear

Clean your gun. Wash your hunting clothes. Wipe the mud off of your calls. Take care of your gear and it will take care of you.

Get your auto in good shape

Make sure all maintenance is current. Put on new wiper blades. Put on snow tires (if necessary). Keep a tow strap in the trunk. Put a $2 painter’s drop cloth in the trunk. Spread it out when the dog is extra muddy or you’re about to put a dead deer in the same place that the wife puts her groceries.

Keep your gear organized

This is a big one for me because I hunt several different animals during the winter. I like to know all of my upland gear (including shells) is together and likewise for my deer accessories, waterfowl equipment, etc. I accomplish this with simple 5-gallon buckets. I label each bucket for what goes in it and then the gear all gets stowed away for the next time. Items that I use for multiple game animals go in a separate ‘General’ bucket.

Respect the ‘honey-do’ list

One of the most important tips. If you keep up with your chores around the house (including changing diapers and handling bath time for those of you with younger kids) it’s amazing what your spouse will tolerate. Fall behind and you might be spending a prime weekend painting your guest room.

Variety is the spice of life

Hunting fatigue will sneak up on you. I fight it off by switching gears frequently and trying new stuff. A late-season dove hunt and squirrel hunting in the snow helped break up the goose hunting grind last year.

Have a Weekly Routine

Usually Sunday nights are when I’m getting ready for the work week so during hunting season I usually designate an hour every Monday evening to get my gear squared away. I dump the stuff that needs to be washed in the dirty clothes pile and re-organize my equipment for the next weekend.

Take Care of Your Pooch

Dogs get worn out during hunting season too, especially in cold weather or when covering a lot of ground. Feed them high-quality food as much as possible (fresh meat, vegetables and high-end dog food). Also, don’t feel bad about leaving them home once in a while. They will be upset for about 5 minutes and then they will go back to bed. Keep them warm in cold weather and cut your hunt short when they start to show signs of too much cold exposure.

Don’t forget your family

We’ve all heard the term ‘hunting widow’. This phenomenon is a symptom of a hunter who doesn’t have his priorities straight. Let’s remember folks – your spouse or significant other is like your rear echelon. They often do your laundry and keep the kids quiet while dad naps after a cold day afield. It’s your job to show your appreciation. Make sure you give them at least 50% of your weekend most of the time and if you need more, you owe them a good dinner or a movie (or both). Our simple rule at home is pretty much whenever I am not hunting or sleeping on the weekends during hunting season – I am at my wife’s disposal. That means errands and the dreaded trips to Target if need be – but in the return I get all the time in the field I need. It’s win-win.

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